• Kind To Women

    Give undies to women living in refugee camps with every purchase

  • Kind To Earth

    Bamboo uses 1 liter of rainwater for underwear. Cotton uses 1000

  • Kind To Artists

    All designs are art collaborations

  • Kind To You

    Breathable bamboo cotton is hypoallergenic and brilliant for sensitive skin

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Highlight: Print Of The Month

"Around The World"

One of our best-selling prints by New York-based, Amy Stone, an artist, painter and mum of two boys. Amy's work centres around the feminine, gorgeous palettes and the abstract.


Underwear That Does Good And Feels Great

Buy One Give One

We send underwear with every purchase to vulnerable women in refugee camps healing from child birth, infection, sexual violence and social exclusion


Organic Bamboo and Beechwood

The most hypoallergenic and breathable fabric for your toosh, bamboo is a stronger fibre that grows without chemicals or pesticides, and conserves more water than cotton. It's perfect for sensitive skin, keeping you fresh and comfortable all day and night with incredible moisture and odour absorbing properties


Your Toosh is a Work of Art

Our prints are exclusive art collaborations from brilliant artists around the world. Celebrate your toosh with true artistic expression!


Looks Best On You