Artoosh comes from a simple conversation taking place between friends. We were discussing the extreme levels of comfort from wearing the pants our mums used to buy us back in the day. Always soft, always cotton, and sweet prints - yes at 7, we all wore pastel hearts and unicorns. 

We were trying to remember the time we made the switch over. You know, to ‘grown up’ pants. Some of us switched because our weight changed - we needed more lift or tuck, some of us wanted to follow the trends (comment below if you grew up around then and can relate!), but for so many of us, it was when we started buying into what would ‘look better down there’ - unconsciously exchanging what was best for us often for the sake of impressing our romantic interests. Because they were important to us too. And at that time, if you grew up in the 90s, you knew exactly what you were being told to ‘look like’ in order to be impressive - as much as your romantic interest was being informed as well, and had their own set of expectations. With big overt billboards hypersexualising the feminine until sometimes underwear looked more like a painful strapping in process than a 2-second thought about colour and comfort. Many of us bought those ‘sexy’, ‘trending’, outfits. Not many of us truly benefited from them in the long term. They weren’t appropriate fabrics. They lasted for a few moments. But most dangerous of all, they set a tone that was wildly against our very skin. Not breathable, aesthetically-pleasing only because the magazines told us so, and convinced us our toosh’s wellbeing belonged in the hands of someone else. Someone else got to decide what our underwear looked like. And they made billions off of it.

Artoosh isn’t a feminist rebellion. We will never try to dictate how a woman should look. And if we ever find ourselves in a position to influence masses, we’d just tell you to be yourself. Artoosh is just a genuinely sweeter, kinder, more inclusive option, because it does so much good. It tries not to harm anyone’s sense of themselves. The opposite, Artoosh is about another kind of expression. The obvious kind - art. It’s also about celebrating the artist because they work hard to create, not dictate. We don’t copy other brands, or choose basic prints and designs and then sell en-masse. We keep it as unique as we are. Artoosh is about the kindest fabric for your delicate skin. That’s bamboo, which is more breathable, friendlier to the environment, and stronger in tensile strength. It will last longer too. And it’s about inclusivity - we KNOW there’s enough to go round in the industry, so we make underwear a reality for women and children who consider underwear a luxury today. Conscious buying. Made for women. Friendly to all. As we grow and evolve, we’ll become inclusive of more sizes, favourite underwear shapes, and more art to wear - just for the fun of it! 

All our love, 

The Artoosh Fam


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