A heart doesn't donate, it gives... ❤️

Being a woman in an IDP camp isn’t easy. An Internally Displaced Person (IDP) is someone who is forced to flee her home but who remains within his or her country’s borders. It could be because of war, famine, or a natural disaster, and today there are at least 50 million women in IDP camps. They face various problems including lack of privacy during urinating, defecation and menstruation.

We have learned that supplying underwear improves their sense of well being, brings personal hygiene with dignity and privacy, addressing reproductive health issues and sexual gender-based violence and improved school attendance among girls. It also prevents bullying and social exclusion. After difficult childbirth and obstetric fistula, mothers absolutely require underwear to support healing wounds. 

Buying underwear from Artoosh today means we can deliver more underwear to medical clinics in Sierra Leone, IDP camps on the border of Myanmar and Thailand, and orphanages in Pakistan.

We have spent over a decade at the frontlines of war, natural disasters and emergency zones as humanitarians, and have come to the realisation that the word ‘donate’ doesn’t really work for us. Serving others simply comes from the heart – it doesn’t 'donate'. It positively gives ❤️ So get shopping!

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