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Jas Bhachu x Artoosh

A Love Letter To Women

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Made with organic bamboo and beechwood. Every purchase sends underwear to women in hospitals, camps and orphanages without access to daily underwear and saves more water than standard cotton. 

Written by Jas Bhachu, "A Love Letter To Women"

One of life’s greatest pains as a woman, is when a woman works against you.
One of life’s greatest acts of love as a woman, is when a woman understands you.
Sisterhood offers a safe house and a sweet embrace when the world as a woman is filled with so many storms.
Sisterhood is collective power, healing and growth that can only take place in unity.
Sisterhood is Artoosh, actively equipping women with what they need and deserve to push forward in life.
This is my Love Letter to Women, whether I know you or not, I promise to honour you and uplift you always.

Jas is our hero 😍 Check out her stunning art on Instagram!